Welcome to Victor Precision...


Welcome to Victor Precision, the company where you will find just about anything and everything to do with handguns, revolvers and their related parts.


We pride ourselves in work that is of the highest quality and standard. We specialise in custom built handguns, repairs and modifications, design, machining and manufacturing as well as the fabrication of related parts. We also provide finishing such as hot bluing and hard chroming.


We are also happy to assist you with selling your firearms through our classifieds section.


As our testimonials will substantiate, our work is precision at its best, always providing the best outcome for the customer and their specific requirements.


Our firearms, repairs and manufactured parts are always reliable which is exceptionally important when you as a shooter is standing on the line hoping to win the competition!


We offer a variety of services and would be happy to discuss any requirements you may have. Our top of the range machinery ensures that any work carried out is done with both precision and perfection, allowing no room for error. Our professional staff have many years of experience in both the firearm and engineering fields with extensive knowledge of mechanical design utilizing CAD CAM software.


We have years of experience working on both manual and CNC machinery, thereby providing quality workmanship and superb products.


We look forward to talking with you regarding any enquiries you may have and providing you with the best outcome possible.


VICTOR PRECISION  |  Brisbane, Queensland  |  www.VictorPrecision.com.au


Email: info@victorprecision.com  |  Phone: +61 7 3823 3999  |  PO Box 4453, Gumdale Qld 4154


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